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The Radical Accountability Council (RAC) is established by Northwest “Burner” community members to respond to reported violations of agreed and expected conduct within our community which have not been adequately resolved by other means. Recommendations of the Council will take account of the severity of any violation(s) and the restorative needs of the person or entity violated. The RAC is not a substitute for the involvement of event staff or appropriate authorities when warranted. Participants should report emergent issues in accordance with event policies and applicable law.

The Charter

Founding document outlining our:
  • Purpose
  • Mission
  • Membership
  • Expectations


  • Leadership (Co-Leads)
  • Decision Making
  • Process and Procedures
  • Decision Communication
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Reporting Tool

Report an incident or update an existing submission. Reports are secured in a HIPAA compliant database and held in strict confidence by the RAC.

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Apply to Serve on the RAC

Join the Council in its mission to help ensure the safety and vibrancy of our events and our culture while maintaining a commitment to fairness and inclusion.  We need trustworthy and judicious community leaders able to impartially review and evaluate information about difficult cases involving community members.
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