The Charter


To increase the safety and security of our community members by providing an evolving yet
consistent method of accountability process and response across events;

To review and conduct inquiry into reports of misconduct and recommend appropriate action
and response;

To help facilitate support for community members that have experienced and reported harm
from the misconduct of others.


Overview of the RAC process

1. The RAC receives a report in which the person reporting requests RAC action.
2. The RAC reviews the report and two RAC members are assigned to lead an inquiry.
These two Inquiry Leads are charged with gathering the stories and context from all
relevant parties involved in the report.
3. The Inquiry Leads speak with the individual who filed the report and seek to clarify their
4. The Inquiry Leads speak with the person named in the report, and with all other relevant
5. All relevant details discovered in the inquiry process are brought to the RAC at large by
the Inquiry Leads. After review and discussion of the report and the relevant details, the
RAC attempts to reach consensus on a recommended action.
6. The recommendation is communicated to all RAC subscribers.

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Radical Accountability Council Charter (28mar18)